Reform Education Now
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The point of this site is to present a simple concept regarding education. With today's technology it is possible to build an entirely free online curriculum system and school. There are already courses taught online. There are also private schools that provide online courses. The idea here is to move a few steps past that. I want to build a system that has an entire K-12 curriculum that is accredited along with 4 years of college accredited.

The first goal is to provide a free alternative to the current education system that is recognized everywhere. The second goal is to provide a system that is customized to each student's abilities.

Students with learn at different rates and levels. This one size fits all system we have today is failing. Students that can do more aren't encouraged to do so. Instead the entire curriculum caters to the lowest performer. A system that is mostly online can adjust to a students performance. This means students who can work faster can those who need more time will get it.

Will teachers still be needed? Yes. First, people learn better in different ways. Secondly, a student having trouble with a subject could elect to use a teacher. The online education system would free up a lot of teachers time. That time could be spent with students who need help.

Course material can be provided in a number of ways online video, audio, interactive material, text and images. There are some links to some samples in the left margin of this site.

To make the best use of the technology and allow the system to cater to each student it would be necessary to build in a grading system and so on to monitor the student progress. This means the entire grading system and performance would also be built in as well.

The primary concept for building this system would be a branch system. The more a student learns the more branches open up. Each branch of learning or subject opens up as a student meets the requirements to it. A simple example is you can't do powers with out knowing multiplication.